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Default QElectroTech variables

To systematize title block templates and allow auto numbering of elements, conductors and folios; QElectroTech provides the posibility to work with variables.

The variables are used to define the content of text field and properties from elements, folios and conductors. Depending on the conditions during the creation of the object (folio, element, conductor, etc,) The variable of the text or property field is replaced by a different value.

A property is identified as a string which starts with the symbol %. The default variables provided by ElectroTech can be found at this section.

General project variables

The following variables are global variables which can be used to create title block templates.

  • % {projecttitle}: Project title

  • % {projectpath}: Project path

  • % {projectfilename}: Project file name

  • % {saveddate}: File saving date

  • % {filename}: Project file name

  • % {savedfilename}: Registered file name

  • % {savedfilepath}: Saved file path

  • % {savedtime}: File saving time

  • % {folio-total}: Total number of folios in the project

  • % {version}: Software version

  • % {machine}: Project functional group name