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QET collection

The QET collection is the default collection from QElectroTech. This collection is protected and the user can only read it, the QET collection cannot be edited. The user cannot add any element, any category or sub-category and cannot re-organize the elements in the database.


Figure: QET collection tree at collection panel

The QET collection has the following categories:


Collection of electrical components (motors, converters, switches, electrical protections, etc.)


Logic signal symbols (AND, OR, NOT, NOR, etc.), Grafcet symbols, Ladder symbols and flow char symbols.


Collection of hydraulic components (Pumps, cylinders, pressure limit valves, pressure relief valves, directional valves, etc.)


Collection of hydrualic components (Compressor, cylinders, air filters, directional valves, etc.)


Collection of elements used at the energy field (pumps, turbines, solar panels, heat exchangers, etc.)