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Seach menu

The search menu allows searching elements, folios or conductors which have a text field or property with an specific value. The seach menu allows finding automatically an element with a desired label, list the folios from an specific author, etc.

QElectrotech provides a basic and simple search menu composed by a text box which allows writing the desired string which should be found and some buttons for closing the menu, actualizing the search and going to next and previous coincidence.


Figure: QElectroTech search menu

QElectroTech also provides an advanced menu where filters can be defined inside folios, text fields, elements and conductors trees. The advanced mode also allows replacing actions.


Figure: QElectroTech advanced search menu

To display or hidden the search menu:

  1. Select Edit > Search / Replace menu item to display or hidden the search menu at the bottom from the workspace.


The search menu can also be displayed using Ctrl + f shortcut keyboard.