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Folio referencings settings

QElectroTech provides the option to storage at the Data from the application some project properties pre-defined by the user. This feature allows the user avoiding to define many project properties each time that the user creates new projects.

The Folio referencings tab from New project settings section allows pre-defining the formula which should define the label variable from Reference folio following and Previous reference folio.


Figure: QElectroTech New project folio referencings settings

To define folio referencings settings:

  1. Display QElectroTech settings PopUP window.

  2. Go to New project section.

  3. Go to Folio referencings tab.

  4. Define the desired parameters for each field.

  5. Press OK button to save the configuration changes and close settings PopUP window.


All pre-defined folio referencings properties defined at QElectroTech settings PopUP window will be automatically defined during project creation at project properties. The folio referencings properties can be found at Folio referencings tab from New folio section.