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Replace text field content

QElectroTech provides the feature of searching and replacing text field content automatically. This option allows replacing the complete content from a text field which contains the string searched. The string searched can be the complete text field content or part of the text field content.


If the search menu is not displayed, it can be displayed from Edit > Search / Replace menu item.

To replace text field content over a project:

  1. Search the string which should be replaced (Ex.: Folio).


    Figure: QElectroTech search menu

  2. Define the new text content at the replace text box (Ex.: Sheet reserve).


    Figure: QElectroTech search menu

  3. Select at the objects tree the text fields which content should be replaced.

  4. Press Replace all button to replace the content from the selected text fields.

  5. Press actualize view-refresh button to refresh the search.


Replacing action can also be applied object by object. The button Replace will only apply the action to the displayed object at the workspace. The buttons go-top and go-bottom can be used to display the previous and next text field from the search result.


The replacing feature from QElectroTech replaces the text field content completely. Changing the text field content partly cannot be done.