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Dynamic text

The dynamic text field is an object that displays a text that is comming from a variable value. The text value is changing with the variable is changed, editing the part is not necessary to change the text content.

Create dynamic text

The text field can only be added to workspace from toolbar.

  1. Select the icon icon_dynamic_text from toolbar to add a dynamic text field.

  2. Click the positional point from the text field in the workspace.


If the toolbar is not displayed, it can be displayed from Settings > Display > Parts.

Dynamic text properties

Element part proterties can be displayed from information panel when the part is selected.


If the information panel is not displayed, it can be displayed from Settings > Display > Information.


Figure: QElectroTech dynamic text field part from element

QElectroTech allows customizing different text properties:


The dynamic text coordinates (x, y) can be defined.


The text display angle can be defined in the range of 0 to 360 degrees.


The posibility to display the text inside a rectangle frame is provided.


The text position inside the frame can be defined. Left, center or right and top, middle or bottom.


The source content can be user text (similar to static text), element information parameter or composite text.


The text size can be defined.


The text color can be choosed from RGB color code database.