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Conductor type

Multiline conductor

For multiline conductors, QElectroTech allows defining many different parameters from the conductor. The parameters which can be defined are:

  • Display parameters:

    1. Text size: Size of the displayed text.

    2. Text formula: To be used if a variable value is desired at the Text field during conductor creation.

    3. Text: Text field content to be displayed at folio.

    4. Text color: Font color to be displayed at folio.

    5. Positioning and orientation from the displayed text at folio, vertical and horizontal conductors.

  • Conductor properties:

    1. Function: Variable from conductor, it is used to define the wire phase (L1, L2, L3, N, etc.).

    2. Voltage / Protocol: Variable from the conductor, it is used to define the wire voltage (0v,230V,400V, 6kV, etc.) or the wires network protocol (IP).

    3. Conductor color: Variable from the conductor, it is used to define the wire color.

    4. Conductor section: Variable from the conductor, it is used to define the wire section.

    5. Cable:

    6. Bus:


Figure: Multiline conductor properties


Displaying the conductor TAG (code) at multiline diagrams is usual for an easily manage of the manufacturing, erection, commissioning and maintenance phase of the product.

QElectroTech allows an automatic conducto number definition for the text using the variable %autonum at the Text formula field. This field have to be defined at Folio properties before starting the conductor creation.

Single line conductor

For single line conductors, the conductors are represented without any text infromation. Only the type of power system should be defined to have the correct symbol representation.

QElectroTech allows the following options for single line conductors:

  1. System with or without Ground

  2. System with or without Neutral

  3. PEN system, system where Neutral and Ground are the same wire.

  4. Systems with one, two or three phases


Figure: Single line conductor properties