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Design mounting plate

QElectroTech is not only a tool for diagrams and shemas, QElectroTech allows also drawing 2D drawings. Electrical boxes, buttons, switches, screens and any other type of components can be drawn at the workspace.

2D drawings from electrical component can be created at the element editor as elements. After the creation of component drawings, assembled panel drawings can be created introducing the elements at the workspace. At the category Graphics from QET collection some common electrical components front views are provided as elements.


For more information about how to create elements, refer to Create or edit element section.

For more information about how to introduce elements at workspace, refer to Working with element section.

The advantage of drawing mounting plates using QElectroTech and not with a different CAD tool is the posibility to create links between the elements. A link between the elements which represents the electrical component at the schema and the elements which represents the component at the drawing will reduce the future effort; the effort from the manufacturing, intallation and maintenace phase of the project.


Figure: QElectroTech Mounting plate example