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Select all objects

QElectroTech allows selecting all objet from workspace, all objects from the actived folio, at the same time. All objects can be selected from menu bar, workspace or using the corresponding keyboard shortcut.

Select all objects from menu bar

  1. Select Edit > Select All to select all objects from the activated folio.


    Figure: QElectroTech Edit menu

Select all objects from workspace

As many other CAD tools, QElectroTech allows selecting all elements from the workspace, graphical area, using the mouse.

  1. Left click on the initial point from the rectangular area to be selected and displace the mouse without releasing up to the end point.


Figure: QElectroTech selecting on workspace

Select all objects using keyboard shortcut

QElectroTech allows using keyboard shortcut to increase the working efficiency.

  1. Press Ctrl + a to select all objects from the activated folio.

See also

For more information about QElectroTech keyboard shortcuts, refer to menu bar section.