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Element numbering

QElectroTech allows an automatic codification of elements. This feature is useful for the creation of reports, Bill of Materials (BOM), and for the identification of devices at the physical installation and schemas.

QElectroTech allows defining multiples auto numbering patterns. It also provides many flexibility on the creation of auto numbering pattern using text, variables and sequential numbers.


Figure: QElectroTech element auto numbering





Code defined by IEC 81346 norm.

  • A: Two or more purposes or tasks.

  • B: Converting an input variable into a signal for further processing.

  • C: Storing of energy, information or material.

  • E: Providing radiant or thermal energy.

  • F: Direct protection from dangerous or unwanted conditions.

  • G: Initiating a flow of energy or material.

  • H: Producing a new kind of material or product.

  • K: Processing signals or information.

  • M: Providing mechanical energy for driving purposes.

  • P: Presenting information.

  • Q: Controlled switching or varying a flow of energy, of signals or of material.

  • R: Restricting or stabilizing motion or a flow of energy or material.

  • S: Converting a manual operation into a signal for further processing.

  • T: Conversion of energy maintaining the kind of energy.

  • U: Keeping objects in a defined position.

  • V: Processing (treating) of material or products.

  • W: Guiding or transporting from one place to another.

  • X: Connecting objects


Alphanumeric code which identify the element.

See also

For more information about how to define auto numbering patterns, refer to project auto numbering properties section.

For more information about how to manage the codification of conductors, refer to add element section.