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Replace folio property

QElectroTech provides the feature of automatic searching of folios with an specific property for replacing folio properties without the need of opening the folio properties PopUp window.


If the search menu is not displayed, it can be displayed from Edit > Search / Replace menu item.

To replace some folio properties:

  1. Search the content which should identify the folio from which a property has to be changed.


    Figure: QElectroTech search menu

  2. Press the Folio button to display the folio properties PopUp window.


    Figure: QElectroTech folio properties replace PopUp windows

  3. Fill the text line box from the folio property/ies which should be changed.


    QElectroTech also allows deleting and making empty a filled property. Click at the right check button from the folio property/ies which should be deleted.

  4. Press Accept.

  5. From the folios found at the search process, select the folios where the replace action have to be applied. The selection can be made at the object tree from the search menu.

  6. Press Replace all button to apply the replace action to all selected folios.


Replacing action can also be applied folio by folio. The button Replace will only apply the action to the displayed folio at the workspace. The buttons go-top and go-bottom can be used to display the previous and next folio from the search result.