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General properties

The general properties section from project properties PopUP windows is the area where the user can define global project variables that later on can be used at the folios title block templates to automate the filling of the title block.

Creating general project variables is recomended, it increases the working efficiency. The variables that can be found by default are:

  • % {projecttitle}: Project title

  • % {saveddate}: File saving date

  • % {savedfilename}: Registered file name

  • % {savedfilepath}: Saved file path

  • % {savedtime}: File saving time


Figure: General project properties window

To create a new project variable:

  1. Display project properties PopUp window.

  2. Go to General project properties section.

  3. Define the variable name at the left cell from the last row of the project variables table.

  4. Define the value of the variable at the right cell from the variable row.

  5. Press the button OK to save the changes and close the PopUp window.

See also

For more information about QElectroTech default variables, refer to default QElectroTech variables section.