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What is a project?

The term project inside QElectroTech can be assimilated to a “dababase”. A project is not a common database, it is a collection of information which is not structurated in columns and rows.


Figure: QElectroTech project structure

A project is a group of folios, elements and conductors represented inside the folios with the respective properties, properties which define the way how should be represented each folio (title block, dimensions, etc.), properties which define how the reports should be represented (folio index, component list, connector list, etc.), properties which define how to export or print the information, interconnection relaction between elements from the same or different folios and the master data (project name, author, year of creation, revision, etc.).

The project is the base of QElectroTech to manage a work. The development team has focus the tasks on the electrical and control filed, even so, QElectroTech is a E-CAE software. For this reason, QElectroTech is an inter-disciplinary tool that allows the user to create many type of projects.

  • Electrical projects: Purely electrical systems

  • Automation projects: GRAFCET, diagrams, etc.

  • Fluid power projects: Hydraulic, pneumatic and central lubrication systems

  • Proces control projects: Proces Industrial Diagrams (PID)