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Organize panels

QElectroTech GUI has been designed to work using the menu bar and panels. The menu bar is fixed at top. The panels can be displayed and hidden.

To display or hide panels:

  1. Select Settings > Display menu item to display the panels and toolbars list.

  2. Click on the different panels (Projects, Collections, Undo, Selection properties and Auto numbering Selection) which should be displayed or hidden.


Figure: QElectroTech Settings > Display menu

All panels can be displayed at right and left side from workspace. The panels can be organized on column or by tabs. The panels can also be displayed as PopUp/floating windows.


Figure: QElectroTech user interface

To change the organization of panels:

  1. Left click at the title bar from the panel.

  2. Without releasing the panel, move the mouse to the final position.

  3. Release the panel.


Figure: QElectroTech panels placement