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Selection properties panel

The selection properties panel displays the properties from the selecte object. Only the properties from some object can be displayed at the panel. The selection properties panel can display the properties from:


Figure: QElectroTech selection properties panel

To display or hidden the selection properties panel:

  1. Select Settings > Display > Selection properties menu item.

The main function of the selection properties panel is to manage the object properties. At QElectroTech, the object properties can be different for each object. The main tasks that can be done from the selection properties panel are:

  • Manage the properties from the basic geometrical objects (line, rectangle, ellipse and polygon).

  • Define the scale from the imported pictures.

  • Lock the position of the basic objects (line, rectangle, ellipse, polygon and picture).

  • Manage the information from the elements (label, function, manufacturer, article number, order number, etc.).

  • Manage the text and dynamic text from element symbols.

  • Display the general element properties (name, position, dimensions, number of terminals, etc.).

  • Manage the element links (cross references).