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Bind slave item

It can happen that one device should be represented in the project using different elements, power and control subsystem and auxiliary subsystems. All these elements should be considered as one device. QElectroTech works with master and slave elements which are linked using cross references to represent the device.

A slave element can be linked to a master element with the following steps:

  1. Select the master element which should be linked from the project collection or from the workspace.

  2. Right click on the selected element and choose the option Edit the element.


    Figure: QElectroTech element options

  3. Display the Cross-reference (Master) tab from the element editor PopUP window.


    Figure: QElectroTech cross reference tab element properties

  4. Search and select the desired slave element from the Availabel elements table.

  5. Press Bind item icon_bind to link the slave element to the master element.

  6. Press Apply to accept and save the changes.


At the avaliable elements table, the slave element can also be linked by right click on the element and selectimg the option Link the item.


Figure: QElectroTech cross reference tab element properties