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Launch QElectroTech on Linux

After installation, Linux allows the user launching applications from many different ways. Below, the most common ways are explained.

Launch QElectroTech from terminal

To launch QElectroTech using the terminal, the command to be used is:

$ qelectrotech

The command mentioned above blocks the terminal for other processes. If the terminal should be available for other processes, the command to launch QElectroTech is:

$ gelectrotech &


If the command is not working, list the applications installed and check the name with which QElectroTech has been installed.

  • Ubuntu command: $ apt list --installed


Figure: Splash screen

Launch QElectroTech from applications menu

As Windows, Linux operative systems allow the user to launch applications from menus and icons. Where to go depends on the theme and distribution used. Below, some possibilities according some configurations are mentioned.

  • Unity theme: The icon appears at the launcher bar.

  • Gnome shell: The icon appears at [Menu], with the rest of applications.

  • Gnome Classic: QElectroTech can be started from Applications > Graphics > QElectroTech.

  • KDE: QElectroTech can be started from [Menu] at Graphics > QElectroTech.

Once QElectroTech has been launched, the main window looks as follow:


Figure: Main window QElectroTech