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Folio properties

At QElectroTech, the folio properties can be common at all folios from the same project. QElectroTech also allows that each folio has its own properties. For example, two folios from the same project will have the same size and title block but they can be created by different authors or they can have different revision.

To increase the working eficiency, QElectroTech provides the option to storage at the project Data some project properties pre-defined by the user. This feature allows the user avoiding to define many folio properties each time that the user creates new folio inside the project.


QElectroTech allows defining automatically folio properties during project creation. For more information about how to standarize some folio properties from project to project, please refers to the QElectroTech folio settings section.

The Folio tab from New folio settings section allows pre-defining some folio properties:


Figure: Project folio properties window

To define folio properties:

  1. Display project properties PopUP window.

  2. Go to New folio section.

  3. Go to Folio tab.

  4. Define the desired parameters for each field.

  5. Press OK button to save the configuration changes and close project properties PopUP window.


All pre-defined folio properties at project properties will be automatically defined during folio creation at folio properties.