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Project collection

The project collection is the only collection which is not part from the software structure. A project collection is an element collection that is part of the project file, each project has its own element collection.


Figure: QElectroTech project collection

QElectroTech does not allow working in this collection, the user cannot add or delete any element, category or sub-category manually. The user can only read the category or sub-category properties and use the collection to access to the elements of the project to edit them.

The elements are copied from QET or User collection by QElectroTech automatically when the user introduces a new element at one folio of the project. If the element has already been used previously, QElectroTech does not add the element to the project collection again.

If one element is deleted from the project, QElectroTech does not delete the element from the project collection automatically, the element is remarked in red. Cleaning the project deletes all elements from the project collection that are not used inside the project and reduces the size of the project file.