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Undo panel

The Undo panel displays the history since the last time that the document was saved. Once the project is saved, undo panel is automatically cleared.


Figure: QElectroTech Undo panel

To display or hidden the undo panel:

  1. Select Settings > Display > Undo menu item.

The undo panel is used to return the project to the status after one of the actions made after last save. By one click on one of the actions listed at undo panel, the project will return to the status after the action choosed at the panel. While the project is not saved again, the user can go to the different status as many times he wants.


If you play with the panel, be sure that you are at the correct history status before continue working, saving project or any irreversible action like delete folio. Once the project is saved or an irreversible action is made, the history is cleared.

Using the undo panel is interested for:

  • Coming back some steps with a click.

  • Recovering an object which was deleted some steps before. The object can be recovered coming back one step before the elimination, copying the object, coming back to the last history status and pasting the object.

  • Checking the status from the project some steps before.

  • Etc.