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Export schema

QElectroTech allows exporting the different folios to many type of formats: PNG, JPEG, Bitmap, SVG and DWX.

  1. Select File > Export menu item to display exporting PopUP window.


    Figure: QElectroTech file menu


QElectroTech allows using keyboard shortcuts to increase the working efficiency.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + X to display exporting PopUP window.

For more information about QElectroTech keyboard shortcut, refer to menu bar section.

  1. Choose the folios you wish to export and specify their size.


    Figure: QElectroTech export PopUP window

  2. Choose target directory and format.


    Figure: QElectroTech exporting formats combo box

  3. Choose rendering options.


    Figure: QElectroTech rendering options

  4. Press Export button to create the files.

QElectroTech creates one file for each folio choosed at the target directory defined.

See also

QElectroTech allows predefining exporting settings for reducing the working configuration effort each time that a project have to be exported, refer to export settings section for more information.